When we had the idea of opening Kebab House, we were still a small restaurant in Denver. When it came time to expand to our dream restaurant, we found the ideal location in Wichita. Just like our old place it was going to need a real makeover before it was ready for business.

When we needed plumbing emergency service in Denver, we always knew who to call, Arvada Plumbing Services ( I’ll never forget the night we first averted a disaster at the old place when Arvada Plumbing Services provided us with plumbing emergency service when our men’s room developed a serious problem.

When we designed the remodel for the Kebab House we knew the bathrooms were nothing to brag about and were going to need refurbishing. We wanted to avoid any need for plumbing emergency service so this time we went right to the plumbing design experts at Arvada Plumbing Services and got their advice.

While we had used Arvada Plumbing Services in the past for plumbing emergency service, we also knew that they were masters at designing and installing new systems which our new restaurant in Wichita was going to need. We looked around at plumbers near the Kebab House in Wichita and we weren’t too impressed. We were designing a state-of-the-art restaurant and we needed the best . . . and a firm who we trusted.

Arvada Plumbing Services had already provided us with the greatest plumbing emergency service we could have hoped for, so we were strongly relying on them to guide us. As it would turn out, the relationship between Arvada Plumbing Services and the manufacturer’s representatives provided us with an advantage in buying power for the raw materials.

Arvada Plumbing Services was able to drop ship the equipment we picked out from display models and they also found us certified contractors in Wichita to get it all installed.

It’s unlikely the Kebab House will ever require plumbing emergency service thanks to the great job Arvada Plumbing Services performed to get us started at the new place, and customers love the bathrooms. When you find something good, you stick with it!

That’s why should you ever require plumbing emergency service in the Denver metroplex, I can strongly recommend Arvada Plumbing Services! And . . . when you’re in Wichita, please check US out at!

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